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Cracking Bugera V22 valve amp in excellent condition.


This amp has all the wonderful warm valve sounds you expect in a beautiful looking package, Great cleans, anything from crunch to high overdrive on channel 2 and a very commendable reverb.


One of the coolest features of the V22 is that it operates in either Triode or Pentode modes. All things being equal, Triode mode produces a slightly darker, mellower sound with a little less power. When overdriven, Triode mode breaks up earlier than Pentode mode and has a different harmonic spectra as well. The V22’s Triode mode was perfect for my blues-based playing, while Pentode mode, with its slightly higher-gain, produced a full-throated crunch that suited my garage rock and hard rock wailings. The V22 yielded equally musically useful results in both modes, and all it takes is a quick flick of the rocker switch on the back panel to go from Slowhand to Angus.


At this price, this is one heck of an amp.


I actually have a second one also in excellent condition, so if you wanted a bargain stereo rig I can do you a great deal for both! 

Bugera V22 All Valve 1x12 Combo