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Charvel 275 Super Strat MIJ.


1990s Japanese Charvel. Excellent build quality and playability and it has the more desirable early "toothpaste" style logo.


Floyd Rose Trem fitted, with pop in and screw whammy bar.


Plays brilliantly and has a 5-way switch and stacked single coils for a vast array of rock tones.


In very good condition all round. Frets are very good. 


A few minor blemishes from use, but nothing nasty. There is a little lacquer cracking on the back of the headstock where an Allen key holder was fitted. I've got a black set on order which will be fitted when they arrive.


These are great rock guitars. I've seen them go for £400 plus, so this one with a decent tweed case is a bargain at just £275.

Charvel 275 Super Strat