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Epiphone Les Paul Custom 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.

Features special artwork highlighting historical moments in Les Paul's career. Based on the top-of-the-line, Ebony-finish, gold-hardware Custom, the 50th Anniversary features a montage on the back that includes black-and-white performance photos of Les Paul himself, with 1952 "Goldtop", and "Log" artist renderings superimposed over the images. In the early 1940s Paul assembled his Log, one of the first electric solidbody guitars, in the Epiphone factory. His famous signature "Goldtop" of 1952 was Gibson's first solid body electric guitar. 

The guitar is in excellent condition and comes with the original Epiphone Hard Case. some minor tarnishing to the gold parts but that is all.

Plays great and everything works exactly as it should.

A rare and stunning looking guitar that is a real collectors piece as well as being an amazing guitar in its own right.


Epiphone Les Paul Custom 50th Anniversary Limited Edition

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