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Epiphone Riviera Peerless Built Jorma Kaukenon Signature Model.


Korean made in the Peerless Factory. All of the Peerless stuff is shooting up in price because they are so good.


Plays great and sounds superb. Plenty of life left in the frets and an no major damage to the body which has a subtle quited finish to the top and back.


This guitar metalwork has been relic'd by a previous owner and the binding has been finished to look old, so won't be everyone's cup of tea - but they've done a good job of taking the finish back on the metal parts and Bigsby. It does have a nice look and feel, not a hathet job!


Things to mention:

The pickguard fixing hole on the side has been filled at some point but is secure now. Tuners have been changed for new gold Grovers. The tone pots are a little scratchy but some switch cleaner will probably fix that in a jiffy. We will take a look before it's shipped.


All round a lovely bit of Korean Peerless

Epiphone Riviera Jorma Kaukenon Signature Peerless MIK

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