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Here we have perhaps one of the rarest guitars in the UK. You are unlikely to ever see another one with this pedigree on these shores!


This is an Erlewine Lazer - Johnny Winter model. But no ordinary factory produced one.


The current owner has had the guitar from new and shortly after Johnny was first seen using one, the owner contacted Texan Luthier Mark Erlewine directly to see if he would build him one to the exact spec that he had built for that time they were no production models, they came much later on and were Team Built guitars. 


Mark agreed and this guitar was then hand-built by Mark himself. The owner had to wait months for it to be built and then shipped to the UK. 


It comes complete with the original TKL soft gig bag and case candy that only came with the handbill originals. It was the first one to come to the U.K. and in terms of rarity, I doubt another with this pedigree, direct from Mark Erlewine, will ever be available.


The guitar feels amazing an the access to the top frets is superb. Everything feels real quality.


Back in the 90's the owner paid around £5,000 including shipping and is looking for very serious offers for this rare and stunning instrument.

Please get in contact if you are serious about owning this instrument.



Erlewine Laser Private Build Johnny Winter Model

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