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2016 Fender '52 Tele AVRI and beautiful Fender hardshell case with lots of case candy, including some spare electrical parts.


The guitar hasn't been played much and the frets are in very good shape. Nice chunky 50's neck and all the Tele spank and chime you could want.

The lacquer on these is very thin so small knocks will lead to some cosmetic marks. There are a couple of areas on the body where the lacquer has chipped off, but they aren't noticeable when playing. There are also two very small areas on the fingerboard where the lacquer has started to wear. I've tried my best to show these and they look worse on the pictures than in real life.


This is a cracking top spec Tele for a cracking price and I don't expect it to hang around very long.

Fender AVRI 52 Telecaster