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Gorgeous and very rare Rosewood Tele with 60s neck


Plays and sounds just as a Tele should and comes from the same Custom shop design team that produced our favourite Baja Teles. These were only made for about 1 year and I've never seen another one for sale.


Ashtray bridge and great 60s neck. She really is a stunner.


Some of the lacquer on the body has gone a little milky, the most obvious bit being by the side of the bridge. However, this would be an easy fix with a rub down and a quick coat of lacquer if it bothers you. With the ashtray fitted it is very hard to see.


Buy it before I change my mind as I've fallen in love with her!

Fender Classic 60s Telecaster Rosewood Telecaster, one of only 1,000 made