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1967 Fender Deluxe Reverb amplifier in great conditioner the year. 

It has the original speaker and transformers. Aside from a few changed capacitors, new power cord and one control knob, this amp is all original. 


It was serviced on the 24th Feb 2022 by Mac Amplification, Leeds. All components were tested and replaced where necessary, the "death cap" removed and a new 3-pin power cord fitted. All valves tested and valve bases were cleaned and lubricated. 


Footswitch is a modern classic style switch.


The Oxford 12" speaker drives 20 watts. The amp runs on USA power, 110V. It comes supplied with a new step-down transformer. The sound is amazing, it has a super warm tone with lush reverb. There is light general wear and tear but no significant scuffs or tears in the tolex. There are a few very small nicks in the grille cloth in the upper right corner but nothing major. The faceplate is nice and clean. This is the perfect amp for gigging, recording, or just using at home. 


 The speaker is dated to the 26th week of 1966. The transformers all date to 1966. The pots have a range of dates in 66. Weight: 16 kg. Serial number: A22195. The tube chart is stamped QD ( Apr 1967) The chassis has nine tubes which are a mixture of brands. Pre-amp - all USA made but brand not clear. The rectifier and power tubes are made by JJ and are brand new.


Fender Deluxe Reverb 1967 Original Valve Amp

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