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Fender Flame 1984, rarely available and great sounding guitar.


Black finish with Rosewood neck, Schaller hardware and specially designed humbucking pickups. The body is chambered and the tones you can get from this guitar are awesome.


These were only made for one year (1984) and most owners seem to keep hold of them as you don't see them for sale very option. They later became known as the Robben Ford signature model which had a couple of cosmetic changes, but basically the same guitar.


This guitar has been gigged over the years so there are some scrapes, buckle rash and scuffs, mainly on the back but a little on the top and the edges of the headstock. None of these effect the playability or tone and adds some Mojo to the guitar.


The frets are in great condition and it's just been set up with a very nice action. All the electrics are crackle and buzz-free and work very well.


If you've seen or played one of these before you will know how good they are. I've seen these and the slightly larger-bodied Esprit models selling for around £1,500 in good condition. Due to this one having a few marks and no case, it is a bargain at £895. Be quick or it will be gone!



Fender Flame 1984 Master Series

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