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The first of our "Cars and Guitars" tribute models.


The GT40 has an alnico hotrails humbucker in the bridge and a Classic Vibe neck pickup. This results in a scorching bite and drive from the bridge combined with a warm and mellow neck tone. The in-between setting is bright and full.


The neck is based on a Strat design and has locking machineheads so everything stays in tune just as it should. Just been crowned and polished so good to go for many years to come.


The guitar weighs just 6.2lbs which is ideal for a Tele.


Looks, tone, playability and attitude - everything you need!


This custom model is a true one-off and won't be repeated.


At this price, it is one heck of a guitar and no-one else will ever have one the same as you.

Ford GT40 Tribute Telecaster

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