So....the 1976 Explorer has come back from my luthier friend and “Evil Edna” (as I’ve nicknamed her because she’s a bit of a beast!) is raring to go.


The body is in great condition, the electrics have all been looked over and the soldering cleaned up and renewed where necessary, original nut has been put back on after someone had previously tried/bodged fitting a replacement, period correct tuners fitted (original broken ones included), original pots, original super tarback neck pickup and Gibson patented pickup (think it could be a dirty fingers) in the bridge.


The neck is very large so probably one of the earlier ‘76s.


The neck has had a break at some point I think, (like many Explorers of this age) but has been very well put back together as you can see from the photos. Edge’s ‘76 has had a break, so Edna is in good company! It is rock solid. You might not have noticed but I always list my guitars accurately.


Frets are all good with plenty of wear left on them and above all else she is great to play and sounds excellent. Just set up with a new set of 10's.

There are some age related marks, particularly on the headstock, but body and neck are remarkably good for a guitar that is now 42 years old.


I can take more photos if you need them.


Gibson Explorer 1976



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