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Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2015


Solid mahogany body, no weight relief and chunky 50s profile neck.


Traditional is probably not the word for this guitar :)


The bridge is a super hot Seymour Duncan Dimebag humbucker and the neck is a Seymour Duncan Phat 50 P90. Together they work brilliantly. The bridge has a great bite. Together there is a really full and clear middle position and the neck is warm but with a clarity most humbuckers can't match.


The bridge has been replaced with a Stetsbar trem. These units and super smooth in operation and hold tune really well. The nice thing is that if you want to swap it out, it can be done without leaving any marks as it uses the standard stoptail bridge posts. If you would prefer the standard bridge, the Stetsbar can be removed before sale and the price adjusted to £1,150. At the full price, the original bridge will also be included to give you flexibility.


The tuners have been upgraded to Grovers.


The guitar is in excellent condition. No buckle rash, frets are all good and the electrics are all standard and working as they should.


This has been my main guitar for about three years and I will be sad to see it go, but just got a Joe Bonamassa signature that has won my heart!




Gibson Les Paul Traditional Seymour Duncan Pickups Stetsbar Trem

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