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Gretsch G5124T White Hollow Body Guitar with Bigsby Trem. Made in Korea.


Great looking and sounding instrument with the sought after Dynasonic pickups.


The guitar has a little fret and fingerboard wear in the first position but this doesn't affect the playability at all and it has very nice action. Recently set up with flat wound strings which really suit the guitar and still have a lot of ring as well as the mellowness provided by the flat wounds.


There is a lacquer crack that can be seen on the images on the back, close to the cutaway and it previously extended onto the back of the guitar. It appears to be only cosmetic, in the colour coat finish, and not the body itself. The crack has recently been glued and feels rock solid. The most obvious section has been covered with a Gretsch sticker and the whole job looks very presentable. As I said, it plays and sounds superb but we have reflected the cosmetic fault in the price.


A lot of Gretsch for the money!




Gretsch G5124T Hollow Body With Bigsby Trem Made in Korean

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