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Ibanez AFS75T Thinline Hollow Body Guitar

Looks lovely in this deep cherry red finish, it's almost metallic.

In very nice condition all round, some very light fret wear on the higher strings in the first position, but doesn't affect playability at all and loads of life left in them. 

These Ibanez guitars are very well put together and play and sound like much more expensive guitars in my opinion, this one is no exception.

Lovely woody tone from the neck pickup and nice bite from the bridge. The whole thing has a 335 feel to it but with more resonance.

The Ibanez Bigsby style trems also hold tune very well thanks to the roller bridges they fit as standard.

All in all, a very nice guitar and something a little distinctive from the standard Epiphone offerings in this price bracket.


Ibanez AFS75T Thinline Hollow Body

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