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IBANEZ ASV93 -TDL 335 Style Guitar in Factory Distressed Tri-Fade Burst Finish


Amazing quality guitar which looks, plays and sounds fantastic.


Top of the range Super 58 Humbuckers, Maple Body, 3-Piece Mahogany & Maple Neck with ebony fingerboard - very rare on a guitar in this price bracket.


The finish of the guitar is satin and along with the factory aged parts it provides a very understated but classy look. Frets have no obvious signs of wear.


All these Artcore Expressionist guitars feel great and have a lovely low action when set up properly - this one is no exception.


There are a couple of marks to mention -some buckle rash on the back, a couple of indents on the back of the neck, a small chip on one edge and one mark on the side of the headstock. Nothing that affects the playability and of course this is a factory disused guitar, so it all adds to the patina. Images attached.


If you are looking for a top quality 335 style guitar at a great price, then look no further, you won't be disappointed.




Ibanez ASV93 Tri-Fade Burst Artcore Expressionist

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