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Line 6 DT25 in fabulous condition. No marks on it and as it's only had bedroom use and all working exactly as it should.


A bargain at this price. The normal retail is around £600.

Can be changed to operate in the style of a host of different amps by accessing the Line 6 downloadable options, but this isn't a modelling amp as such and uses valves for a proper warm and responsive tone across the range.


Check out the reviews online, they are extremely positive.


Here is some more of the tech spec:

The new Line 6 DT25 amplifier combines a convenient medium-power-output amp with the pinnacle of Line 6 amp technology to produce an amp that is versatile enough to allow you to switch between amp circuits found in some of the world's most revered amp designs. The DT25, co-designed by Reinhold Bogner, will adapt to the sound you need; American or British, vintage or modern. The result is an amp that will take you from classic rock to modern metal in the flick of a switch - an invaluable tool for session musicians, recording artists and guitarists with diverse musical tastes.

Combine the DT25 with a POD HD and you get even more out of this awesome amp. By configuring presets on the POD, including amp and cab settings and pretty much any effects chain you can imagine, you can switch between any two rigs at the press of a footswitch! Imagine being able to go from a Big American clean with modulation effects, to a raucous British hi-gain tone with a wah pedal at the ready - all with one switch. That is what the DT25 and POD combination will help you achieve.


The Line 6 DT25 is an amazing amp in its own right with big bell like cleans and the ability to produce high quality drive sounds at reasonable volumes. When you start to explore the options you have with regards to switching and combining the different circuits in the DT25, you will realise the potential of this amp. Add a POD HD into the mix and the possibilities of the DT25 are practically limitless!


Line 6 DT25 Valve