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Sheldon True Tone 1 Valve Amp.


30/50 Watt Hand-Wired Head from a boutique UK manufacturer. 

Probably the most versatile gigging amp head you can get, with the options to install all sorts of output valves to create a massive range of different amp tones as shown further down.


Comes complete with the footswitch and cool blue internal lighting when it is on.


This is the second True Tone ever produced and retails at over £2,000 new.

This is an absolute steal at £595. Be quick!!




Output configuration options:

4 x Sheldon-6V6 2 x Sheldon-EL34
Output power & Voltage Settings
30-35w 40 -42 mV
40-45W 30 – 35 mV

Sweet clean tones, which move easily into a super creamy overdrive. So nice it’s what the amps come with as standard!
Characteristic British rock/blues tones with crisp highs and plenty of midrange grit and grind.

2xSheldon- 6L6/5881
40-45W 35 – 45 mV
Sweet chiming clean tones with solid bass and top end. More detail in the tone and a smooth overdrive tone.
4 x Sheldon-EL34
45-50W 70 – 80 mV

Even more of that Classic Brit rock tone! But with more headroom. Like a 100W plexi but at 50w volumes!
4 x Sheldon-6L6/5881

45-50W 70 – 90 mV
More of that great 6L6 tone!
Better headroom, very suited to the clean blues player but will break up very nicely when pushed moving into a smooth driven tone!

2xSheldon-6L6 2xSheldon 6V6
35-40W 45 – 55 mV
A best of both worlds combination! The clear top and bottom of the 6L6’s complementing the smooth creamy break-up of the 6V6’s gives probably the best blues tone you will hear!

2xSheldon - KT88/6550
45-50W 55 – 60 mV
The ultimate in solid bass and crystal clear highs, late break up but boy when it does!! For the cleaner style of playing this is probably one of the best set ups.

Sheldon True Tone Hand Wired Valve Amp