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Hohner B2V 5 String Active Headless Bass


Originally passive, this has been upgraded with an EMG active tone pot alongside the standard tone. It makes. It a wonderfully adaptable bass for all styles


The body has been refinished in a mustard yellow and whilst not factory quality, it is a decent finish and makes the bass really stand out.


There is also a brass nut end fitted which means you can use standard bass strings rather than much more expensive double ended strings. Easily removed if you want to go bank to original.


It is set up very nice and plays really well.


A few marks on the body and wear on the lacquer on the back of the neck but still very good condition for its age. Frets are great.


All round a bargain for one of these at £375

Steinberger Hohner Professional B2V Active Headless 5 String Bass

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