Tascam DP 32SD Portastudio. Easy to use and great quality recordings.


32 tracks based on solid-state technology. The unit is equipped with colour LCD and channel strip controls to make recording simple so the user can stay creative.


Up to eight tracks can be recorded at a time on a standard SD/SDHC memory card through its XLR and 6.3-mm combo jacks. Input processing like compression and limiting, an internal send effect with reverb, delay and chorus, guitar amp simulation and multi-effects for use with the instrument-level input as well as external effects send are available during recording.


For mixdown, the DP-32SD offers 20 channel faders and 12 rotary controls for EQ, Pan and effects including reverb and chorus. During the mastering process, the material can be further optimized with EQ, compression and normalization. Once finished, songs can be transferred to computer over USB to publish the songs on the Internet, for example.


This unit is 6 months old and looks literally like new, comes in original box with all the packaging and instructions. Only used to make 2 backing tracks and no longer needed, so a great saving over the new price.



Tascam DP 32SD Portastudio



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