Vintage VE660 Electro-Acoustic John Lennon tribute guitar in beautiful Tobacco Sunburst


These are no longer available new.


Great sounding unplugged with a bright and full tone. Plugged in, the standard single-coil sounded very unnatural, so this guitar now has two piezo discs mounted under the bridge and it has a very open and natural acoustic tone when played through an amp or PA.


The wiring is still in tact for the standard pickup should you want to swap it back.


In very nice condition all round. A couple of small blemishes, a little light buckle rash on the back and some minimal fret wear on the first couple of frets under the B string. In general though, it is in great condition.


A reasonably rare and very cool looking guitar.



Vintage VE660 John Lennon Tribute Acoustic



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