Rare Vintage VE660TSB John Lennon inspired guitar in beautiful three-tone tobacco sunburst. Very similar to the Epiphone EJ160E signature model.


Has a lovely acoustic tone and really looks the part.


The single-coil pickup on these guitars always sounded naff, (the original guitar was the same IMHO), and they are more for form than function.


However, this guitar has been fitted with two piezo disc pickups under the bridge and has a very natural acoustic tone when amplified. 


This is a nice guitar all round. Has a few minor marks and a little fret wear in the first position, but doesn't affect the playing of the instrument. The D tuner peg has a slight bend in it - works perfectly just not quite 100% in line with the others. Also a lacquer crack around the volume point, not structural just cosmetic.


A much cheaper option than the Epiphone version and potentially a much better guitar!




Vintage VE660TSB John Lennon Inspired Electro Acoustic



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